Grand Canyon West Rim

This area, owned by the Haulapai Indian Tribe, offers a more cultural experience combined with one of man’s most remarkable creations, the famed Glass Skywalk.

The world famous skywalk is located at Eagle Point.  This glass platform extends 65 feet out beyond the rim of the Canyon, allowing an incredible view straight down the floor of the Canyon 4,000 feet below.

Also at Eagle Point, the Hualapai People have a variety of demonstrations including Native American cultural music and dancing.  There are also authentic dwellings like Navajo Hogons, Hualapai Wiki-ups and a Hopi House, showing how their ancestors lived in the past.

Guano Point allows for some spectacular hiking along the rim of the Canyon out to a “high point’. This is a great place to view one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

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