We are a Certified Part 135 Air Carrier with an excellent safety record and over 25 years experience providing tours to the Grand Canyon and around the Southwest.

Our Grand Caravans are sing122JB 001le-engine, turbine-powered aircraft providing greater speed, air-conditioned comfort and are the most advanced ‘quiet technology’ available.  Each Grand Caravan seats 9 passengers. Each plane is a little different. We have two Executive seating Caravans and the rest are Commuter seating. 

 **Specific requests for the Executive seating are on a request basis only and cannot be guaranteed.     122JB 002

The Caravan is an ideal aircraft for hauling people and baggage short distances into smaller airports throughout the Southwest. Fishing trips, ski trips or just taking the entire family on a trip, the caravan makes the perfect flying SUV. Some of our Caravans are equipped with executive seating.  

                       Caravan Interior with Passengers

Every seat is a Window Seat in all Westwind planes making it easy to take great photos and enjoy the vistas. Each plane is also equipped with MP3 narration over individual headsets during tours.