Travel can help you live longer & happier

When people talk about vacation, often times that means relaxing on the beach with a mimosa in hand.  For others however, a dream trip is seeing the seven natural wonders of the world, hiking in the Grand Canyon, touring Lake Powell and seeing alien like rock formations, photographing the naturally occurring Rainbow Bridge, and much more.  These more “one of a kind” trips or even custom charters provide many benefits in addition to the completely unique experience.  Here are some ways traveling and seeing monuments, experiencing unique tours, and vacationing with Westwind can improve your health and make you happier.

1.       Making friends

Everywhere you travel there will be people you’ve never met from all walks of life.  Some of these people will more than likely be outgoing and happy, and as we all know happiness is contagious.  Not only that but happy people tend to be the most social so if you make a friend on the go, chances are you’ll have a great time and possibly even make a lifelong friendship. 

2.       Knowing the difference between price and value

In all areas of life, price and value are two very different things.  Travel is a great way to discover your tastes and personal preferences and can help narrow down what value means to you.  Some great experiences are free or totally unique, but the absolute best experiences are when the value is worth the price (like our Adventure tour or Grand Canyon overflight).

3.       Taking a deep breath of fresh air

Standing in front of one of the seven natural wonders of the world is awe inspiring.  Parícutin, Mount Everest, and Victoria Falls are stunning but nothing beats taking a deep breath of fresh air standing on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon looking out at the geological structures of the canyon.  As a UNECO world heritage site, the Grand Canyon has something for everyone.  Even if you’re not one to study the details in the millions of years of history in rock layers, there are plenty of things to see and fun facts about the canyon to learn.  For instance, did you know that the mesas, plateaus, and other formations in the canyon are actually considered mountains?

4.       Unique experiences

Flying in a smaller plane is an experience many people don’t ever have.  With Westwind Air Service, every seat is a window seat and for over 30 years we’ve had a perfect safety record.  The West Rim of the Grand Canyon (on the west side of the State of Arizona) sits on native land, which means there are many unique experiences to try.  For adrenaline junkies, the all new Grand Canyon zipline is sure to give you a rush.  All other thrill seekers can try the more tame helicopter and boat rides on our Adventure Tour, which also incorporates the Sky Walk, a hike, and lunch.

Dan WeecksComment