This page is an extra channel for Westwind Team Members to provide feedback or general information in a different format. We believe that honest and open communication with your immediate manager will always result in quicker and more direct feedback to a solution or idea, but also understand some feedback should be able to be anonymous.

(Suggestion, Concern, Feedback, Question, etc.)
Team Member Satisfaction *
Team Member Satisfaction
I enjoy my company's culture
I find my work meaningful
I feel connected to my co-workers
My manager values my feedback
I understand the company’s goals and the link between my work and these objectives
I have the resources, support, and tools to accomplish all of my tasks in an efficient manner
I can respectfully disagree with my supervisor without fear of reprisals
My supervisor or manager provides useful and constructive feedback
I would feel comfortable recommending this company for employment to a friend
All things considered, I am satisfied with my job