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As well as flying to the Grand Canyon and many other tourist destinations around Arizona and the Southwest, Westwind also offers ground transportation. Much like our flights, our comfortable nine passenger vans depart from the Deer Valley airport. Our guests are welcome to request a pick up from your hotel at an additional cost. However, the van will stop at the airport to check everyone in before departing for your tour.

Ground tours depart North Phoenix, and drive along the I-17 through the Verde Valley, climbing up the Mogollon Rim where you will see the vast Sonoran Desert and famous saguaro cactus turn into tall pine trees, ranch and farmlands, and mountains. Just South of Flagstaff, Arizona, you will join the I-40 and drive almost all the way to the famous Williams, Arizona is known for Route 66 passing through. Here you will drive down the final leg of your trip, through the small town of Valle, known for the famous Flintstones campground which is visible from the road. This tour will get you to the town of Tusayan, and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon around 11:00 am.

This tour starts at 150.00 per person and 135.00 for children under ten years of age. If flying around the Grand Canyon in an airplane sounds like fun, but maybe a bit much airtime for the entire family/group, we offer flights that are just 40/45 minutes long around the Grand Canyon. You can click this link: go to tours and check out our GC1, Grand Canyon only tour, or feel free to ask our friendly customer service representatives about adding the GC1 to your ground tour package. You are welcome to book as many or as few of your group as you would like on an air tour. For those that prefer the ground, we can take you to watch the fantastic IMAX Grand Canyon video, for a small cost of $20.00 per person, or just take you to the Grand Canyon Rim. 

We are looking forward to showing you the highlights of Arizona by ground, by air or by both.

To book Ground Tours, please call us at 480-991-5557, or 1-888-869-0866, or email for more information.

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