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Private Charter Flights in Phoenix

Private Charters in the U.S. and Mexico

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Along with tours around the southwest, Westwind Air Service offers private charter flights in Phoenix. Charter flights are considered unscheduled flights, which makes flying hassle-free and allows you to travel on your own time meaning you are not forced to make a departure time that is prearranged by the company. Private charters do not use TSA, and this allows the customer to show up and board the aircraft without waiting in long lines, searching for a place to park, or going through body scanners and other checkpoints.

Westwind Air Service is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly anywhere in the United States and Mexico. Our private charter flights in Phoenix have flown clients all over the Southwestern United States from skiing trips to Telluride and camping trips in the Nevada desert, to white water rafting trips on the Colorado River. Westwind is also known for flying into a world-renowned bass fishing lake in Sinaloa, Mexico, as well as other vacation spots in Mexico such as Alamos, Hermosillo, Obregon, and Rocky Point.

Westwind is approved to carry firearms that are unloaded and stored in the baggage area for any hunters planning a trip to score some big game. The Cessna Caravan also has plenty of room to carry surfboards if heading to San Diego is more your style. Are you visiting Arizona or Mexico to experience some of the most beautiful golf courses available? No problem, our Aircraft can safely store your clubs and accessories for your golf getaway.

Westwind Air Service allows our clients to drink alcohol onboard the aircraft so when you call us for your quote, please feel free to add food or drinks to your order. For a small extra fee, we are happy to stage the aircraft for you with your favorite beverages and snacks.

For quotes on custom private charter flights in Phoenix, please call us at 480-991-5557, or 1-888-869-0866, or email for more information.