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Weekend Getaways to Las Vegas

Phoenix, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada

Westwind Air Service provides charter flights from Phoenix (Deer Valley Airport) to Las Vegas (Harry Reid International) with simplified pricing:

  • Up to 9 passengers (you are chartering the entire aircraft)
  • 3 days / 2 nights = $5,800.00

Additional notes:

  • Passenger ground transportation not provided by Westwind Air Service.
  • There will be a $500.00 deposit, per aircraft, due at the time of booking.
  • This is a private rental. No individual seats sold.


These flights are designed to accommodate the weekend “getaway” traveler and are conveniently arranged around your schedule. By taking our charter flights, this means you are paying for the whole aircraft, but you can fly on the days/times you choose within certain parameters and based on availability.

For quotes on custom private charter flights please call us at 480-991-5557,

or 1-888-869-0866, or email for more information.