Our Mission

Westwind exists to provide unforgettable memories and experiences through aerial tours, unique charters, and our customer first culture.


About Westwind

Westwind Air Service is a family owned, Arizona business that has been operating scenic air tours to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Monument Valley and around the southwest for over 25 years. Westwind is dedicated to providing tours around the Southwest that showcase the natural beauty and unique perspectives available only by airplane. We partner with other companies that have the same dedication and passion for providing the ground portion of our tours, ensuring the highest quality. What makes a Westwind tour the experience an unforgettable memory of a lifetime is not just the spectacular locations and the quality of equipment, but our customer first culture. No lines, Just Service. Throughout our lives, we are always standing in lines waiting. Waiting for help, waiting for food, waiting for movies, waiting for events, waiting for service. Not at Westwind. We are committed to you, committed to providing the excellent service you deserve while making you feel like family in the process. 


Elijah Riggs - Director

As the Director of Operations, Elijah is responsible for the entirety of all Westwind operations. As an experienced pilot, and long time Arizona tour partner, Elijah understands in depth the Arizona touring industry, aviation part 135, and driving a large team to success.

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Nicholas Beaird - General Manager

As the former HR Manager, Nick is responsible for all people operations, policy and systems development, and Westwind’s culture. Nick brings an exciting, people first atmosphere while focusing on team member growth in all areas to align day to day activities with Westwind’s mission and vision.

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Gayle Lurenz - Relations

As the relations specialist, Gayle is responsible for all customer relationships, as well as our our amazing tour partners. Gayle leads our customer service and relations team and she is the backbone of all Westwind relationships. Her in depth knowledge and experience of the Arizona touring community speaks for itself.


Meggan Cottrell - Operations

Meggan is responsible for the management of all operations specialists in each of our bases, as well as the tracking of aircraft. Meggan and her team always ensure a smooth and seamless transition between maintenance and operations allowing Westwind to stay safe current at all times. Operations is the one of the backbones behind closed doors responsible for the operation functioning as planned.


DaNene Pace - Grand Canyon 

As the Manager of Westwind's Grand Canyon base, DaNene is responsible for the all of the day to day operations such as tours, the gift shop, and all Grand Canyon team members. DaNene and her team passionately oversee all tour activities and guests to ensure they are experiencing the tour of life time right at the Grand Canyon's front door.


Shari Huston - Page 

As the Manager of Westwind's Page base, Shari is responsible for all of the day to day operations such as tours, gift shop, and all Page team members. Shari and her team passionately oversee all tour activities and guests to ensure they are experiencing the abundant beauty of Lake Powell and all of the surrounding areas around Page.


Karla Hiepler - Chief Pilot

As the Chief Pilot, Karla is responsible for the hands on management and training of all Westwind pilots. From pilot growth and safety to heading up Westwind's pilot hiring process, Karla ensures all things pilot related are safe, successful, and smooth.



Bruce Grubbs - Assistant Chief Pilot

As the Assistant Chief Pilot, Bruce Grubbs is responsible for assisting the Chief Pilot in all things pilot related. From safety training and pilot development to pilot house management, Bruce Grubbs supports the chief pilot in furthering pilots practices congruent to Westwind's mission and vision.